How to use chatbots to engage and recruit college grads this summer

Commencement season is in full bloom. And as graduates ramp up their job-seeking activities, employers are looking for new ways to stay relevant and attract top talent. In today’s digital landscape, it can be difficult for companies to break through the noise and capture the attention of potential candidates while standing out from the competition.

Enter chatbots. Chatbots offer an alternative way for potential candidates to engage with organizations on their own terms, through forums such as social media. According to a new survey by LivePerson, chatbots are gaining popularity globally; 38 percent of 5,000 people surveyed from six countries had a positive perception of the technology. Yet many companies still aren’t effectively leveraging this option, likely because they don’t know the best approach — or even where to start.

Make the conversation about more than just the basics. People want to be engaged.

Make the interaction memorable and entertaining. Millennials especially expect clever engagements

Make it a useful and beneficial experience for both sides. Set up the bot to capture information that can actually inform your organization about the applicant’s personality, allowing you to genuinely get to know them

Avoid engaging on too many different subjects. Narrowing the conversation to one topic will allow for better flow.

Give the potential candidate a taste of the organization’s culture. Showcase and communicate less tangible corporate elements through the chatbot experience.

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