For many retailers, the holiday shopping season can literally mean the difference between growth and expansion or their ultimate demise. The combination of fierce competition on pricing, the need for fast and accurate delivery and maintaining enough inventory to meet consumer demand can expose the most experienced retailer.

The increasing demand for omnichannel shopping options means that retailers need to convert millennial and Generation Z consumers from passive shoppers into paying customers on a mobile platform with a service that can securely handle a large volume of traffic, engage the customer and hopefully draw those same customers into the store to potentially make more purchases.

Smartphones impacted more than one-third of the $1 trillion in holiday sales in 2017, according to a September blog post by Fiona Swerdlow, vice president and research director at Forrester Research. She said in the three months before her post, 73 percent of U.S. smartphone owners had researched physical products on their phones while they were in the store, and 46 percent of EU-5 smartphone owners did the same.

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