Real-time customer engagement offers a highly effective way to reach customers on a deeper level, building relationships, increasing trust and even enhancing conversion. Done correctly, this type of engagement can offer many rewards. Many businesses tend to either see this as an afterthought or neglect to consider the intricacies of real-time engagement. Often, it is not only how you engage customers, but also when you try to engage them that can make all the difference.

How can you improve your real-time customer engagement?

USSD (unstructured supplementary service data) offers a highly effective communication tool that is accessible, affordable and simple. Unlike other types of mobile marketing, USSD requires no smartphone and no data. It is extremely interactive and ideal for real-time campaigns that require participation and one-on-one communication. It can be accessed from any phone, via any network. This technology also works in remote areas that do not have a lot of mobile infrastructure.

SMS remains a popular and widely-used channel, whether used alongside USSD or as a standalone mobile campaign. What makes SMS a good choice for real-time campaigns is that they have a far higher open rate compared to e-mails, which can often sit in inboxes unopened.

Yet another effective channel for real-time connection is live chat. Evolving rapidly since the early days of online assistants, live chat tools of today are smart, unobtrusive and genuinely helpful. One of the worst experiences for customers is having to wait for service. Live chat offers a proactive way to help customers while they are on the site, reducing the need to make contact and helping to speed up the entire process.

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