The recent surge in artificial intelligence (AI) has irrevocably transformed the business landscape of today. On a daily basis, consumers interact with such automated systems as self-serve grocery store checkout lanes, voice-interactive customer service phone representatives and the most recent digital innovation: the chatbot. But this last example isn’t just for consumers anymore — personally, I have begun to depend on chatbots to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Chatbots are the automated pop-up screens you encounter when seeking help online or via text. They have endless applications for my interdepartmental needs as a business leader, too. A chatbot can handle numerous tasks, such as:

• Instantaneous language translation — for communicating with international clients and/or employees

• Scheduling and calendar reminders

• Data processing

• Customer service — their predictive capabilities often know what a consumer wants even before he or she does!

• System diagnostics and digital troubleshooting

• Financial alerts

• Automated industry updates

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