Digital technologies will continue to offer companies the opportunity to radically alter their business models, transform operations and create better customer experiences.

The business solutions landscape is constantly changing, making it hard for CIOs and tech decision makers to stay on top of evolving trends. This is especially true today, with innovation driven by digital technologies. To make the most of digital tools, CIOs need to keep the following five trends in mind to see their companies thrive in 2018 and beyond.

1. Digital transformation is now a boardroom agenda

Because digital technologies reinvent and disrupt entire ecosystems, they disintermediate traditional value chains and new business models emerge. Digital technologies allow companies to innovate and transform at the core of their operating models. With new business models, organizations will require top down board-level engagement in order to drive success beyond just traditional automation initiatives. And this top down focus is opening up new investments in digital technologies.

2. Customer experience is the new battleground

Digital technologies remove traditional differentiators, such as retail proximity or local banking branch advisors, and bring down barriers to entry. At the same time, customer experience becomes a significant area for companies to differentiate. As a result, one of the largest drivers of digital investment is concentrated on improving the buyer’s journey and customer experience.

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