The American multinational Verdiem chooses Portugal for the worldwide launch of Surveyor 6.0

Verdiem, a company dedicated exclusively to the development of energy efficiency solutions for computer equipment, has chosen Portugal to present the latest version of Surveyor, a solution that currently manages and reduces the consumption or electric energy in more than 2 million computers around the world. The decision to announce Verdiem’snew version of the product, is the result of a collaboration agreementwith the Portuguese company VIA Consulting, which is the exclusive dealer for the Surveyor solution in Portugal, Brazil and in the Portuguese-speaking African countries. The launch took place during the ‘ More Than Green ‘ event, organized by VIA Consulting, which also included the presentation of the Successful Case of SONAECOM, which has already registered a significantreduction in their energy consumption, through the implementation of the solution in its entire computer park (3500 PCs).

Oeiras, 14 October 2011 – VERDIEM, a company dedicated exclusively to the development of energy efficiency solutions for computers (Desktops and Laptops) installed with Microsoft’s Windows operating system and with Apple’s OSX, has just made a worldwide presentation of the 6.0 version of the Surveyorsolution, thatadditionally allows to manage and reducethe electric power consumption ofthe network equipment fromCISCO EnergyWise (IP Phones, Routers, Switches, wireless access points and intelligent PDU’s).

The launch took place during the ‘ More Than Green ‘event, which was heldat the Lagoas Park Hotel, within the scope of a partnership established withVIA Consulting, a management consultancy and information systems company.Since its beginning, VIA Consulting is the exclusive dealer for the Surveyor solution in Portugal,and its representation has been extended to Brazil and to the Portuguese-speaking African countries.

OSurveyor is a solution developed by Verdiem, that manages and reduces the electric power consumption of more than 2 million computers installed with Microsoft’s Windows operating system or with Apple’s OSX, of about 600 companies worldwide in the most varied sectors of activity, such as Banking, Insurance, Public Administration, etc.

OThe event also included the presentation of Surveyor’s successful case of implementation at SONAECOM, VIA Consulting’s first customer to install this solution in Portugal.Based on the commitment of the SONAE group, with regard to the good practices of energy efficiency and to the possibility of having a tool that allows to centrally configure and manage the energy-saving policies, SONAECOM has decided to implement the solution in its entire computer park (approximately 3500 PCs). Since its production began in January of 2011 to the present date,there has been no abnormal situations or reported impacts on the user’sdaily work anda significant reduction of the energy consumption has been registered.

The initiative ended with the testimony of Luís Rochartre, Secretary-General of BCSD Portugal, a non-profit organization which aims to spread and promote the principles and practices of sustainable development.The Association supported the idea thathaving a sustainable approach,means to question the concept of “business as usual”, to create internal and external partnerships and to align the company’s strategy with society’s expectations, thus allowing a social, environmental and economic integration.

About VIA Consulting

Vision, Innovation and Accuracy – Leading the Way- these are the values that best define the VIA Consultingproject. Founded in 2008, VIA Consulting is a Portuguese Management Consultancy and Information Systems Company, which acts in accordance with the needs and particularities of the markets in which it operates. Theknowledge, experience and skills of its staff, combined withthe most innovative technologies, allows the company to implement solutions that meet the demands and expectations of its customers.
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Verdiem is a manufacturer of business software focusing on green technologies and on the energy consumption management of PCs. Its flagship product, SURVEYOR, allows customers to centrally control and reduce the energy used by their PC’s network and by the active network equipmentin about 60%,without interfering withthe users and with the ITs whatsoever. More than 600 organizations, government agencies and universities, have implemented SURVEYOR in order to have a positive impact on the environment — by reducing waste and the carbon footprint. Verdiem, leader in green technology solutions, based in Seattle, Washington, ismanaged by Kleiner Perkins Caufield&Byers.
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