One of the most exciting areas of advancement in chatbot technology is a single bot’s ability to understand not just dozens but hundreds of different languages, and to truly converse in each one — not just mechanically translate back and forth. This capability makes chatbots an indispensable tool for businesses considering expanding outside their current local market and into countries with entirely new customer bases — and new languages.

Whether you have a physical presence or only an online one, customers want to interact with your brand in their native language. A Common Sense Advisory study (registration required) of shoppers in ten countries found that 60% of consumers rarely or never make purchases from English-only sites, while 67% prefer navigation and content in their language and 75% want to make purchases in their language. These statistics indicate that the customers who are actually going to spend money on your brand want to, understandably, do so in the language in which they are most comfortable.

While you could attempt to localize FAQs, knowledge bases and key webpages and hire or train customer service reps in every potential language your customers may speak, chatbots are the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective solution to these localization challenges.

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