As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to evolve and adapt to a changing market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning initiatives are creating new opportunities for innovators to offload labor-intensive research and analysis to the cloud.

And, to be clear, “the cloud” is just a fancy term for someone else’s computer. But, it’s exciting to see these networks of computers crunch data and automate the things that used to eat up our time and server space.

In today’s market, the cloud represents a $130 billion industry. And it’s projected to continue growing as consumers and corporations continue to offload their data storage, analysis and computing to the cloud.

Machine learning is an exciting, proven concept that allows computers to figure things out for themselves. Instead of every action being explicitly coded, the computer applies pre-configured rules and data sets to perform complex calculations. This technology leverages the cloud in order maximize speed and cost-effectiveness.

Machine learning, powered by the cloud, will impact businesses in the following ways.

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