Chatbots have taken the world by storm. These robots act as personal assistants, customer support representatives, marketing executives, and more. They’re either powered by artificial intelligence (AI), meaning that they learn from every interaction, or rule-based, meaning they’ve been pre-programmed by a human to know how to answer specific questions regarding specific scenarios.

Whether you opt for an AI-powered bot or rule-based one, it’s important that it receives the adequate amount of attention with regards to conversational design. While chatbots can help make an online conversation between a brand and a consumer seem highly personal, these machines need to be trained similarly to a human representative.

Below, I’ve highlighted 10 chatbot conversation-building tips to ensure your customers have a seamless experience when communicating with your company.

1. Define User Goals

Before you can design a perfect chatbot, you need to establish your bot’s purpose for both your brand and your audience. There’s a number of ways a chatbot could benefit your business, such as::

  • Learning more about your audience
  • Providubg customer support through social media
  • Drivingtraffic to your website
  • Increasing Sales

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