You’ve probably heard of the chatbot. In fact, you’ve probably used one, even if you didn’t necessarily know it. Chatbots have taken over from mobile applications. They’re the new hype in the tech world, and judging by the attention they’ve received, they’re not likely to go anywhere anytime soon, as they’re proving to be quite profitable tools.

In addition to increasing sales, cutting costs, and acting as integral members of your customer care, sales, marketing, HR, IT, and other teams, these chatbots can save you time while also changing the world. As a business owner, you know how hard it can be to stay on top of time management. Further, the thought of hiring someone else to help you can be just as daunting because of the extra costs incurred. To help you, here are some ways chatbots can act as time-saving tools:

As a personal assistant.
Chatbots can act as a personal assistant without you having to hire someone new or find additional office space. These personal assistants can help with a huge variety of tasks that will give you back time to focus on other, more profitable activities within your organization. A chatbot can:

  • Schedule, edit, and cancel meetings and events
  • Receive and send emails on your behalf
  • Alert you when you have an appointment, both personal and professional

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