With a top line transformation plan, supported by a certified and collaborative leadership team, your chance of realizing the rewards of digital transformation are greatly improved.

Digital transformation has clearly moved into the mainstream for the majority of companies, with analysts reporting that most corporations are pushing to complete their “wave 1” projects within the next year (“70% of corporations will complete their first wave of digital transformation projects” – Gartner). Case studies published by the major cloud providers highlight some intriguing transformational customers.

Effective use of IoT (actually, IoME) by Sensoria Fitness with sensors directly woven into their garments and shoes. Imagine the possible impact when you tell an athlete that they were slacking during practice based on real time feedback provider by his/her shoes? Better yet, imagine the customer loyalty that is established when your Sensoria heart monitor, including an artificial intelligence algorithm, detects fluctuations in cardiac function and notifies you of a potential heart attack!

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