Surely by now, you’ve heard about Blockchain technology, a digital ledger used to record financial transations. Because blockchain is accessible anywhere, any time, information recorded on it is public and verifiable — making it a great way to manage finances. Although traditionally many companies have used banks and other traditional institutions for financing, blockchain technology has the potential to completely revolutionize the way they manage their financing.

Already, there are companies using blockchain. To learn more about some of them, take a look at the list below. It’s the era of digital financial investments, and these companies are paving the way for change.

1. Zen Protocol

In the same way that Bitcoin uses blockchain for peer-to-peer money transactions, Zen Protocol is a platform on which you can trade peer-to-peer. What makes this possible? In part, it’s this company’s smart contracts, which hold escrow and enforcement agreements. Additionally, Zen Protocol is integrated, and can be merge-minded, with Bitcoin, which means that you can turn any smart contract into a Bitcoin smart contract.

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