With the invention and integration of new technology in the everyday market, businesses are looking forward to optimizing their workflow and reduce downtime to maximize business growth as well as the profit margin. Following are some of the important technology trends predicted for 2018.

Artificial Intelligence — the research and development on machine learning and neural networking to create an intelligent source which has the capability of processing and comprehending in a humanly way are on the rise. Companies such as Facebook’s FAIR and Google’s DeepMind AI are vastly researching into creating human intelligent level machine that would render most of the tedious and mundane manual work obsolete. AIs are being vastly employed by industries to transform work processes and reduce downtime in a cost-effective manner.

VR — Virtual reality, an upcoming market trend with the unveiling of Oculus rift had opened an opportunistic venture for businesses to integrate this technology in their daily work to provide a platform to test their products and services in a realized situation.

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