How to make your chatbot align tightly with business goals

As the chatbot world continues to expand, we in the tech industry face some critical questions. How will we measure success? And how do we ensure our approach to development drives successful outcomes?

It’s not simply enough to set a standard goal, like developing a chatbot that passes the Turing test. Instead, we must seek to create chatbots that align tightly with specific business goals and objectives — expressly designed to perform tasks and actions that solve real problems. They should be charged with the mission of moving needles in measurable ways and transforming key performance indicators that ultimately impact business performance. And to be truly effective, chatbots should strive to be agile, scalable, and omni-channel in nature.

This, of course, is much easier said than done. Many companies are able to tackle smaller, standalone chatbot projects — say, for Facebook Messenger or the web. However, the majority of us don’t possess the resources or manpower to develop fully comprehensive implementations with game-changing customer experience potential.

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