FIS, Cardtronics expand mobile ATM access

Financial services technology provider FIS and independent ATM deployer Cardtronics have announced plans to integrate FIS Cardless Cash access across the Cardtronics ATM fleet in the U.S.

A planned 24-month rollout of the service at Cardtronics ATMs will enable cardless ATM access at some of the largest retailers in the U.S., according to a press release. Importantly, FIS Cardless Cash also will enable financial institutions to offer their customers and members in-network use of cardless cash functionality at both branch and retail ATMs.

“FIS Cardless Cash already has created the industry’s largest cardless ecosystem, providing convenience to U.S. customers and a better security model for financial institutions,” said Anthony Jabbour, COO for banking and payments at FIS. “This partnership with Cardtronics exponentially grows that ecosystem, further facilitating customer adoption and increasing the efficiency, convenience and security of ATM transactions.”

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