11 reasons why bots are the new apps

It’s 2016 and messaging bots are the all the rage. So what’s all the fuss about?

If I had to pick a point on the hype cycle, I would guess we’re probably approaching the peak of inflated expectations. On the other hand, we could easily fall into the stack fallacy by trivializing them as “just bots”.

We’ve been working on Meya for almost a year, and a few insights have surfaced that I believe justify the hype. (at least most of it)

1.Bots are a lot easier to install than mobile apps. To “install” a bot, you simply search for the bot from within your favorite messaging app and click to start chatting. The bot has immediate access to your identity, too. For a mobile app, you open your app store, search for the app, click install, wait a minute to install, open the app, and login/create an account. You’re looking at a few minutes rather than a few seconds. The bot install results in at least a 10X reduction in friction.

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