Who needs ESPN? The Golden State Warriors bot sends you video highlights in Facebook Messenger

The NBA playoffs started last Saturday, and the Golden State Warriors, the team that again ended the season with the best record in the league, has created a Facebook Messenger bot to act as a personal playoff assistant to Dub Nation fans. The bot helps fans cheer on the Warriors, talk trash to friends and coworkers, and follow the team as it tries to reach the NBA Finals for the third year in a row.

The bot was launched as part of an onstage demonstration at F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference.

The Golden State Warriors bot is made especially for the playoffs and can share live scores and video highlights. Highlight video can be sorted by dunks, 3-point shots (aka splashes), or recap. Video and GIFs the bot shares can then be shared with friends inside Facebook Messenger.

As bots have grown in popularity, the Warriors have thought about how and when to implement a bot, the Warriors’ senior director of digital Jeremy Thum told VentureBeat. This bot is just for the playoffs, but it’s the beginning of the Warriors organization’s exploration of bots, he said.

“As we started thinking about what a bot can do, you can pretty quickly get overwhelmed, but we thought that the playoffs give us a tight enough scope to get something to our fans during a heightened time of interest during what we hope is a long playoff run,” Thum said.

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